About Us

AAN Advisor Global offers investment consulting services and customized wealth management solutions to companies and financial institutions.


Driven by a team of talented professionals, we are committed to achieving absolute returns that are aligned with your long-term financial goal. We invest our clients funds in both developed markets and emerging markets and help build multi-currency, multi-asset class portfolios that allows for the long-term risk-adjusted returns.


Outstanding product pool

Our product pool includes a broad array of investment opportunities in China.


Consistent investment philosophy

We educate our clients on our investment concepts and philosophies.


Diversify across different drivers of value

We build diversified portfolios that can weather the ups and downs of financial markets.


Focus on long-term investment returns

We are devoted to a research-led approach that allows for the long-term risk-adjusted returns.

What We Do?

We help guide your investments in China. China is now the world's fastest-growing major economy. As of the end of 2019, China has become the world’s second largest economy, second largest stock market, and third largest bond market with increasing openness of its capital markets. However, its potential is still vastly underestimated. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity—invest in China and share its growth.
You will need a reliable local partner to help navigate through all kinds of localization-related problems—What should I buy? How do I buy? What currency should I use? What will happen to my investment?

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of institutions and ultra-high-net-worth individuals build multi-currency, multi-asset class portfolios.
With long-term partnerships with outstanding Chinese hedge funds, we’ve built an extensive database of investment opportunities. We believe that it is the perfect time to bring Chinese equities and bonds into your global asset allocations. And we are here to help.

Chinese capital market has a unique set of characteristics.

  • You may encounter a language barrier;
  • You may have trouble understanding local regulations;
  • You may not get the ideal reach to the Chinese capital market;
  • You may not be able to find the essence hidden in the ‘seemingly general terms’. For example, policy signals in the CCP Politburo meetings;
  • You may be puzzled by the inefficiencies in Chinese stocks;
  • ...

Products and Services

We provide high-quality products and services to help you reach your investment targets in China.


Our rigorously selected product pool includes a broad array of investment opportunities in China, including hedge funds, fixed-income funds, CTA funds, investment platforms, VC funds, etc.


We have prime access in China: over 100 institutional partners and a connected network of over 500 financial institutions, to help you build up your connections in the Chinese capital market.

We provide unbiased advice:

  • Timely updates and explanations on the significance of the latest economic policies and regulations.
  • Regular reports on the Chinese macroeconomic conditions
  • Monthly reports on your investments in China.

We’ve set up effective communication mechanisms between our partners and us to respond to your requests on time.



Tailor-made Investments

Based on your needs and concerns, we build customized portfolios and select the right products for you


Fund of Funds

As part of a holistic investment solution, we construct a Chinese Fund of Funds based on your preferences, manage and monitor it for you


Due diligence

We hunt for investment opportunities and perform due diligence based on your requests


QD and QF programs

We structure QD and QF programs just for you

Core Competency

During the past few years, we formed prosperous partnerships with a number of foreign financial institutions. We will bring you the most suitable Chinese investment products, powered by our experience in allocating assets in China, our knowledge of the Chinese capital market and our understanding of the needs of foreign institutional investors

Extensive in-house expertise

The team reviewed over 450 investment products (hedge funds, investment platforms, private investment funds, VC funds, etc.).

Rigorous due diligence process

5% pass-through rate.

Consistent investment philosophy

We know the importance of long-term sustainable alpha.

Reliable risk control measures

performance attribution analysis to help us monitor the factors that affect our exposure.

Broad experience

Deep understanding of Chinese market conditions and foreign institutions’ investment needs.

The reach in China

extensive network of hedge funds and investment opportunities.

Partnerships with foreign institutions

QD & QF programs, for example, we’ve successfully helped structured the QDLP program for a U.S. hedge fund. We supported the hedge fund with roadshow materials and regular investor communications.